Managed Detection & Response

Alchemy Managed Detection & Response Service

Our Managed Detection & Response service combines best of breed technology and expertise with skilled and experienced analysts to provide advanced detection and response capabilities. This combination allows us to reduce the impact of a breach or incident and, rapidly mature the defensive capabilities of our customers.

Detect advanced threats

Best of breed technology combined with Alchemy's inhouse detection strategies detect and defend your environment against advanced and persistent threats.

Proactively identify malicious activity

Alchemy's skills and experience in both incident response and red teaming allows us to proactively hunt for threats within your environment. Proactively identifying threats that technology and product alone cannot.

Rapidly Mature your Cyber Security

Granular visibility, best of breed technology paired with skilled and experience security consultants rapdily matures your cyber security capabilities

Managed Detection & Response


Our MDR services are built on best of breed technology such as end-point detection and response (EDR) and security information and event management (SIEM). While these technologies in isolation are effective, our skilled and experienced consultants fill the gaps in detection techniques that technology in isolation cannot.

end-point vulnerability management
End-Point Detection & Response
24x7 Monitoring
all incidents reviewed & validated
Security team respond to threats on your behalf
Detailed reporting
incident response assistance
Access to azure sentinel
user & entity baseline analytics (UEBA)
manual threat hunting to identify advanced persistent threats (monthly)


Managed Detection & Response Features

End-Point Vulnerability Management
End-Point Detction & Response
24x7 Monitoring
All incidents reviewed and validated
Security Team respond to threats on your behalf
Regular consults and reporting
Incident Response assistance1 p/y
2 p/y
Access to Azure Sentinel
User and Entity Baseline Analytics (UEBA)  
Manual Threat Hunting to Identify Advanced Persistent Threats
Dedicated security consultant
Reviews/Triages alerts and incidents
SIEM Support
Scheduled consultations with security consultant
Assistance with management and executive reporting
General security consulting to assist in broader security decisions
Communicates impact and findings of threat hunting
Advanced persistent threat TTP detections
Zero-Day vulnerability detection
User and entity baseline analytics (UEBA)
Threat intelligence
Manual Threat Hunting to Identify Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
Security team respond, validate and triage alerts and incidents
Security team will perform actions on infected hosts to isolate threats
Security team will perform incident response to assist in managing an incident
Alert and incident reports with tailored remediation and mitigation actions
Onboarding red team validation test
Onboarding threat hunting report
Threat analytics reporting
Monthly Vulnerability Report
Customer specific reporting
Monthly threat hunting reports
Self service alerting and reporting
Implementation, setup and configuration assistance (SIEM)
Self service log management, searching and reporting capability (SIEM)
How It Works


Our Managed Detection and Response service stays on the very cutting edge of both detection and response capabilities.


Alchemy Sec's Managed Detection and Response prepares you to both identify and react to a breach by rapidly maturing your defensive capabilities and incident response processes.


Threats are proactively identified by advanced detection techniques paired with best of breed technology and experienced security consultants.


Once a threat has been identified, containment strategies are implemented to limit further impact and lateral movement.


Through investigation and hunting strategies, infections and persistence mechanisms are removed through both remediation and restoration activities.


All impacted end-points, accounts and services will have numerous recovery actions performed to ensure that vulnerabilities exploite by the threat actor have been appropriately remediated.


The final phase allows us to review the incident as a whole, identifying what was done well and what could have been done better to further improve future incident response capabilities.

Alchemy Difference

Why alchemy is different

AlchemySec's MDR capability is built upon experience gained from years of incident response and red team engagements that allow us to rapidly mature our customers incident response capabilities, mitigate attacks and proactively identify breaches.

case studies

The Problem

EVENTS AND LOGS are not monitored to detect attackS

While most businesses have numerous security controls in place, the events and logs from these sources are not centralised, correlated or monitored to detect various stages of a cyber-attack.
The Solution

Alchemy identify critical assets and design a SIEM

Alchemy worked with key stakeholders to identify business critical assets, information and processes. Using this information a SIEM was designed and implemented to centralise logs and events while enabling the business to proactively correlate and identify threats within all tiers of their environment.

The Impact

effective identification & Defence against attack

This gave the business granular visibility across their environment, enabling them to proactively identify and defend their business against advanced attacks.

The Testimonial

They UnderstooD emerging tecHnology and threats

AlchemySec is my go-to Cyber Security Consultancy, Every. Time. They are quick to answer an email for the “easy” questions, or give you the detail you need to convey an issue to a client. Having worked in both the Enterprise space, as well as the Small-to-Medium business, they understand what you are trying to achieve and knows how to get the job done. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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